Forte Beauty Clinic

Set in a stunning mansion house in sunny Broughty Ferry on the banks of the river tay. Forte Beauty Clinic brings you all of the treatments you'll need under one roof.
Our Dundee Beauty Clinic brings together a variety of therapists and practitioners to provide a range of beauty services and health therapies in one relaxed and harmonious environment, offering everything anyone could possibly need to keep healthy, look beautiful and feel great.
Our dream is of a busy but calm haven where people come to be pampered, massaged, healed and beautified - where therapists work alongside each other and can introduce their clients to other Forte services, eventually eliminating the inconvenience of travelling to different salons and clinics for different health and beauty needs.
Currently offering a range of services including our revolutionary new range of 3D LipoMed and 3D Skintech in addition to aromatherapy, hair styling, facials, tanning, massage, nails and more. Our list of treatments is only set to expand and diversify to include all a person could want to pamper themselves - a little slice of heaven tucked away in a stunning mansion house in Broughty Ferry, Dundee.







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